EyeFrame Converter 1.7.5 with Iso creation and new menu functions is out!

– Automatic Iso generation of DVD folders
– Access Add prefix, edit time code, edit reel name, edit frame rate from menus.

How to convert video clips to a DVD:

  1. Add files to the EFC list. The order is the order they will be added to the DVD.
  2. Click Convert button.
  3. Select Delivery.
  4. Select one of the DVD presets. PAL is for files with 25 fps and NTSC is for 30/29.97 fps . 16:9 is for widescreen and 4:3 is for standart definition. The source material must have the right ratio or it will be stretched/squashed.
  5. Click Ok. All the files will be converted to mpg files, then authored as DVD format and a folder called EFC_DVD will be created.
  6. Drag this folder into VLC to check if it plays okay.
  7. This folder will contain a file called EFC_DVD.iso
  8. Burn with ex. ImgBurn this disk-image file to a DVD and you’ll have a DVD compatible with most standalone DVD players.


5 thoughts on “EyeFrame Converter 1.7.5 with Iso creation and new menu functions is out!

  1. korboc

    nice; is EyeFrame ever going to be ported to Linux? having to open windows virtually, just to convert files to a LWKS friendly format is quite an annoyance :/ thanks

    1. dvdslideshowgui Post author

      EyeFrame Converter is coded in AutoItScript, and that can’t be ported to Linux, however EyeFrame might run under Wine.

      Keep an eye on the forum on that topic.

      1. korboc

        Oh I see; my excusses, I should have checked the forums prior to my reply. I’ll try Wine then.

        If porting is impossible – do you consider making a native linux app with similar/same functionality? as Running windows apps under Wine still feels like a workaround.
        Thank you.

      2. dvdslideshowgui Post author

        No. I never used Linux and don’t know anything about it.

        In a way EFC is a workaround, until Lightworks can do all the importing and externally, so the hope is that LW eventually will render EFC obsolete.

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