EyeFrame Converter 1.7.8 with Magic Lantern RAW import is out!

NEW: Convert Magic Lantern RAW files to dng, tiff and ex. Prores, DNxHD, MPEG2 I Frame HD and MJPEG.

– Add files/folders to the GUI or use the menus.
– Select the folder to add the pngs and tiff files in.
– Now the pngs and tiff files will be added to the folders.
– Then EFC opens the tiff image sequence.
– Select the frame rate(the first will be used for all following RAW imports)
– To preview the video double click on the thumbnail of the video.
– Right click on the colums to change values like T/C, R/N, Prefix and frame rate.
– Click ‘Convert’.
– Select a Edit format(high quality) or a delivery format(mp4 for uploading).
– And let EFC batch convert all the files to the selected video formats.

I’ve uploaded a new version with a dcraw.ini file(C:\Users\Public\Documents\EyeFrame Data) which looks like this (the default):
$rawset="-v -w -T -H 2"

Here the dcraw command line can be changed manually.

15 thoughts on “EyeFrame Converter 1.7.8 with Magic Lantern RAW import is out!

    1. dvdslideshowgui Post author

      Doesn’t the written instructions above work for you?

      Drag ‘n drop raw files into the GUI and wait.
      Select frame rate when efc asks for it.
      Hit convert.
      And select the format you want to convert to.

    1. dvdslideshowgui Post author

      If you just need dng files then with EFC you don’t have to mess with command lines and the dng sequence will be named after the source file(a tiff sequence will be added automatically too).

  1. Fran6

    It is so long ! I got SSD and a very fast computer but when I drag and drop the raw files it takes hours before being able to convert them ! working with Camera RAW is as slow as AFC… and you ?

    1. dvdslideshowgui Post author

      Yeah dcraw is slow – there might be some faster multi-threaded compiles out there – I haven’t found any yet – let me know if you succeed(just swap the dl dcraw with the one in the EFC main folder).

  2. Pekka

    I downloaded the software and I get virus warning from my anti-virus software. Why is that? Now I can’t even delete the software…

    1. dvdslideshowgui Post author

      EFC is coded in AutoItScript and some Anti Virus programs comes up with false positives on that programming language. The code of EFC is included – so anyone can check it out and see that it is harmless.

      Yeah, somehow the uninstaller appears to be broken – however if the just delete the EyeFrame Converter folder in the programs folder – and it should be gone.

      1. Pekka

        OK, that sounds fair enough. 🙂 I whitelisted the installer.exe, but now I get error message when I try to re-install it. Here is a pic of the error message:

  3. magiclanternguy

    this tool is fantastic raw2dng was giving me corrupted dng files i was soo frustraded dng file from raw2dng was not being read by AAE ……but this tool saved me…i love you


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