Controls for EyeFrame:

  • Double-click the EyeFrame Converter icon to open.
  • Drag and drop files, folders or image sequences on the EyeFrame Converter GUI or icon.
  • o‘ key opens select files dialog.
  • f‘ key opens select folder dialog.
  • Play media file with double-left-click on thumbnails.
  • Open export settings with right-click on thumbnails.
  • Press Ctrl or Shift when left-clicking to select more items in one go.
  • Edit prefix for file name for selection with right-click on name item.
  • Edit time code settings for selection with right-click on time code item.
  • Edit reel name settings for selection with right-click on reel name item.
  • Edit frame rate settings for selection with right-click on rate item.
  • Press F1 for help.
  • Press F5 for Convert.
  • Press F6 for Swap.
  • Get media info by hitting the ‘i’ key.
  • Open ffmbc_log by hitting the ‘l’ key.
  • Delete media from list by hitting ‘x’ or ‘del’.
  • Select all media by hitting ‘a’.
  • Controls window ‘h’ or ‘c’.

Edit time code, reel name, frame rate and file prefix:

  1. Select all the clips to change values on and right-click in the column(on the value) on the topmost of the clips.
  2. Enter the new value.
  3. Click Okay and all the clips will get the new values.

On the values in the list control: 

  • Default reel names and time codes: First EFC looks for actual embedded time code/reel name, and if it can’t find that it looks for the encoding date, and if it can’t find that it will use the creation date.
  • The reel name and time code will be identical for the matching intermediate and proyx files.
  • Time code: If increment is checked then the time code will increment starting with the topmost clip.
  • Frame rate: Math equations can be entered too.
  • Reel name: The maximum number of characters is 8.
  • Prefix: Leave the entry box empty to remove all former prefixes added to filenames.

Controls for video player(ffplay):

  • q, ESC – Quit.
  • f – Toggle full screen.
  • p, SPC -Pause.
  • a – Cycle audio channel.
  • v – Cycle video channel.
  • t – Cycle subtitle channel.
  • w – Show audio waves.
  • left/right – Seek backward/forward 10 seconds.
  • down/up – Seek backward/forward 1 minute.
  • mouse click – Seek to percentage in file corresponding to fraction of width.