How to convert files to a Lightworks friendly format(intermediate files only):

  1. Double-click EyeFrame icon to open.
  2. Drag and drop files to the list.
  3. Click Convert
  4. The default export settings are fine, so don’t change them.                                                                 The defaults are : Editing > LW FREE Mpeg2 I-Frame HD  – Proxy Quarter Size and ‘Create files and folder structure for proxy editing‘ > uncheked.
  5. Select a destination folder.
  6. Click Ok.

How to convert to intermediate and proxy files:

The interface has been changed since this video was made, but the process remains the same(NB. EFC now places the intermediate files first in the project folder).

  1. Hit Convert
  2. Editing > check ‘Create files and folder structure for proxy editing‘. 3 folders will be created: Project, Intermediate and Proxy. The Project will contain the intermediate files as default. The Proxy will contain the low quality proxy files. The Intermediate folder will be empty.
  3. Click Ok.
  1. In Lightworks import from the ‘Project’ folder and use ‘Create Link’ function.
  2. When you have imported the files in Lightworks exit the project.
  3. In Eyeframe hit the Menu: File > Swap proxy and intermediate files so the project folder will contain the proxy files.
  4. Reopen your project in Lightworks
  5. Edit your video in the low proxy quality.

How to swap intermediate and proxy files:

  1. Shut down the project in Lightworks.
  2. Open EyeFrame Converter and select: Menu: Files > Swap proxy and intermediate files
  3. Select the folder containing the Project, Intermediate and Proxy folders. The Intermediate files from the Project folder will now be moved to the Intermediate folder and the Proxy files will be moved to the Project folder.
  4. Reopen your project in Lightworks. Now the low quality proxy files will be used.
  5. Edit your project.
  1. For exporting the project, shut down the project in Lightworks.
  2. Open EyeFrame Converter and select: Menu: Files > Swap proxy and intermediate files
  3. Reopen your project in Lightworks. Now the high quality intermediate files will be used, so now export the project.
  1. If you want to continue editing, shut down the Lightworks project, click Menu: Files > ‘Swap proxy and intermediate files’ again and reopen your Lightworks project.

The official Lightworks “Find material to fill edit” method for swapping.
Only for files with embedded time code and reel name

  1. Convert to intermediates and proxies using the EFC delivery preset: LW Free MJPEG – Embed TC & RN that adds reel names and time code.
  2. Delete the empty Intermediate folder and rename the project folder intermediate.
  3. Import the proxies into a LW project and move the tiles into a bin named “Proxies”.
  4. Make an edit using these proxies.
  5. Import the matching intermediates.
  6. Right click on the edit and chose “Find material to fill edit”.
  7. Check “Make copy and fill that”, chose “Imports (Bin)” for “Use material from”, select “Best” for “Replacement quality” and “If Better” for “Replace existing material”.
  8. Hit the “Do It” button and a new edit was created that matched the original edit but this new one used the imported intermediate files.

How to export from Lightworks(in best quality) and convert for YouTube or Vimeo upload:

  1. Set Lightworks project card to 10-bit precision.
  2. Export 10 bit video using the uncompressed YuYv AVI.
  3. In EyeFrame hit ‘a’ to select all and ‘del’ to clear out all old files from EyeFrame.
  4. Drag and drop your LW exported file in EyeFrame.
  5. Click the Convert button.
  6. Select one of the Delivery  > H264 MP4 upload formats.
  7. Click Ok
  8. Upload the resulting file to YouTube or Vimeo.

How to convert video clips to a DVD:

  1. Add files to the EFC list. The order is the order they will be added to the DVD.
  2. Click Convert button.
  3. Select Delivery.
  4. Select one of the DVD presets. PAL is for files with 25 fps and NTSC is for 30/29.97 fps . 16:9 is for widescreen and 4:3 is for standart definition. The source material must have the right ratio or it will be stretched/squashed.
  5. Click Ok. All the files will be converted to mpg files, then authored as DVD format and a folder called EFC_DVD will be created.
  6. Drag this folder into VLC to check if it plays okay.
  7. This folder will contain a file called EFC_DVD.iso
  8. Burn with ex. ImgBurn this disk-image file to a DVD and you’ll have a DVD compatible with most standalone DVD players.

How to add EyeFrame to Right Click Menu > Send to function:

  1. Type in ‘shell:sendto‘ in Explorer.
  2. A folder will pop up containing the optional programs in the ‘Send to’ menu.
  3. Add EyeFrame shortcut to this folder
  4. From now on just select your files in a folder, right-click, ‘Send to’ > EyeFrame and EFC will open with the files.

What to do if Lightworks can’t open a file:

  1. Select the file in question.
  2. Menu: View > MediaInfo 
  3. Notepad opens with the data of the file.
  4. Copy the data and paste it into the Lightworks forum, so someone might be able to help you.

What to do if EFC can’t open a file:

  1. After the import attempt Menu: View > Log
  2. Notepad opens with the data created when trying to open the current files.
  3. Find the data of the file EFC couldn’t open and look at the last lines of that paragraph. They might make sense to you.
  4. If the last lines of that paragraph don’t make sense to you, then post that paragraph concerning the file at the Lightworks forum, so someone can help you out.

What to do if EFC can’t convert a file:

Do as described above to see what data was created while trying to export the file. The last lines of the paragraph concerning the unconverted file, might reveal what went wrong. If not then do as follows to get info about the Media:

  1. Select the file in question.
  2. Menu: View > MediaInfo 
  3. Notepad opens with the data of the file.
  4. Copy the data and paste it into the Lightworks forum, so someone might be able to help you.

19 thoughts on “Tutorials

  1. Fran6

    Hello from France !
    Is it possible to use Eye Frame only to open de dng from magic Lantern RAW but not the tiFF ? (sometimes or always)

    Bets regards

    1. dvdslideshowgui Post author

      If you only need dng files, then the easiest way is just to drop your raw files on raw2dng.exe from the Magic Lantern guys.

      Efc is a gui for ffmbc, which can’t open dng files, but tiff.

      1. Pascal

        Hi dvdslideshowgui,
        I like your program, but like Fran6 said it would be very nice if there was a setting to toggle off TIFF files. I do not need them and raw2dng.exe is inconvinient because it requires to setup folders and conversions one by one which takes time.

      2. dvdslideshowgui Post author

        EFC does RAW to video conversion. Creating tiffs is a necessary step on that path. If you only need dng files there are other programs for that.

  2. Pascal

    Hi dvdslideshowgui,
    which program can you suggest to use for a batch conversion of RAW to dng for Microsoft Windows? I searched but only found programs for Mac.

  3. Pascal

    I tried raw2cdng and batchelor but they have multiple issues with conversion. One of it just crashes when processing certain raw files and the other just skips raw conversions entirely. Your program did not show any of these flaws, but creates the TIFFs which must be removed manually to gain harddisk space. As I said it would be really nice if there was an option to select the dedired output format(s). This can’t hurt your program, but enrich its functionality towards a broader user base. Thank you.

      1. Pascal

        Thank you. I did that but the problem is that raw2dng.exe does not group the files in folders. It just throws them all in 1 place 😦

  4. Paul Bolger

    I’d like the clips in Lightworks to end up with pseudo time of day timecode (starting from the file start time and date). I can see the TC in the field in EyeFrame, but when I open the clip in Lightworks it starts at 0. Is this an Eyeframe problem, or something I’m doing wrong in Lightworks?

  5. Ron

    I tried to convert an MP4 to the default choice of Mpeg2 I-Frame HD – Proxy Quarter Size
    Unchecked on “Create files. . .”
    Default delivery

    The video length was 17:53 and it converted only 2:25 of the video

    I tried to convert to Audio Only WAV PCM16 and it converted only 2:25

    Any advice? , thanks

    1. dvdslideshowgui Post author

      Sounds like you’re running out of free space on your harddrive? If not check the log and see if it says something meaningful in the end. BTW. Eyeframe Converter development and support stopped many years ago and if my suggestions here does not work out I have no further support.

      1. Ron

        No, I have 386 gb free. I wish it gave some kind of indication or error code. Maybe someone else has had a similar problem.

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